Interventional Radiology

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The radiologists at Radiology & Imaging perform minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures known as interventional radiology using the imaging technology of CT, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy for imaging guidance during the procedure. Interventional procedures are performed with the use of catheters (small, narrow tubes), needles or other small instruments that are guided through the blood vessels or spine to diagnose and/or treat pain or disease. Because interventional radiology offers an alternative to surgical treatment, it is often the procedure of choice for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases or conditions and generally means less pain, risk and recovery time for patients.

Our interventional radiology suite offers the expertise of board-certified interventional radiologists in a convenient outpatient setting. Under the direction of the physicians of Radiology & Imaging, our professional staff is committed to delivering the highest quality diagnostic services.

Radiology & Imaging is designed to accommodate you in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Ease of scheduling and the convenient locations of our centers also reduce any anxiety you may experience during an interventional procedure.


Depending on the type of interventional procedure you are having, specific preparation instructions may be necessary.


  • Vascular
  • Oncology
  • Dialysis-related
  • Non-vascular
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